My story.

Has your culture, or religion, ever set a limit on what you can and cannot wear? Growing up in a Muslim household, as I did, while also being engulfed by Western culture, meant finding a balance between my religion and the everchanging trends of Western society. As an entrepreneur at sixteen, I developed MJ Collections, providing clothing and accessories for all women, but especially catering to those who see the value in modesty; MJ Collections returns the favor by showing that self-effacing dressing is beautiful, no matter your religion, race, or beliefs! Now a year later, M’Jacent serves women across the United States with fashionable, affordable attire, which means a lot to M’Jacent’s message and myself, having come from a low-income household. The assembly of MJ Collections is a representation of true friendship and support amongst women, with my fellow talented friends adding their own flare while they serve as the faces of M’Jacent. As for the faces themselves, MJ shoppers will find comfort in the well rounded representation of women, coming in all shapes and sizes, Muslim and non-Muslim alike. MJ isn’t just a clothing website, but a manifestation of a young girl’s reality into art! It is real, it is modest, it is everything that Mamasa Jawara has worked to expand to, and it’s only got more growing to do. Now with new and improved website software, shipping internationally has become a reality for M’Jacent.

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